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We want to "Preserve" the iconic Hut 9 building and its special Escape Tunnel & "Educate" generations to come of our local history, Hut 9, the Island Farm Camp and all the dramatic events that took place in Bridgend during the devastating World War Two era. We have also bigger plans for the building and the area surrounding it. We are at the moment seeking professional advise and in the process of receiving quotations for its restoration and  development (further area expansion) for all ages to enjoy. Without restoration work the building will decay through lack of investment and use, and the area will lose an important historical building.


All work during Events we organise is done by volunteers. All Hut 9 Preservation Group members, living historians, re-enactors and all helpers on the day are volunteers. Our reward is purely the success of every event and the fact that you, the public, enjoys the experience. We can see your generous donations and the complimentary and encouraging comments and feedback you provide. THANK YOU.



On February 28, 2022 the Hut 9 Preservation Group became a Registered Charity, under number 1198068.

This allows us to also apply for funding, which is so much needed for the preservation of the hut's old fabric and its famous wall paintings.

Until this time comes, to achieve our short term vision we need help; your help...

To keep Hut 9 open to the public right now, we desperately need public donations in cash (see our Bank details here) or in any items we need and you might have (see what items we require here).

Judging from our Hut 9 Events so far, your donations have been overwhelmingly generous.

See the list of our Hut 9 Sponsors


We use your donations to improve your visit experience. Here is the latest map showing the Hut 9 rooms and their contents


March 2015

In preparation for our next SPECIAL 70 YEARS COMMEMORATION EVENT in March 2015 we are improving the rooms with more period representative furniture. All lighting is now replaced by long life, high efficiency and low power LED lamps. The rooms are as bright as before (if not brighter) and our lighting power requirement has been reduced from 1500W to 210W, which can now be supported easily by our own 800W petrol generator. We are planning some other new and interesting things for March 2015, but best to keep them as surprises...

October 2014

Your donations from the March Event helped us purchase items for our 4/5 Oct 2014 Event, starting with all the furniture material in the Hut 9 rooms. They were all made skilfully by Wayne (recent Preservation Group member). Thanks Wayne, great work. We bought the bunk-bed mattresses and their blankets, two gazebos and an 800W petrol generator as a back up. We replaced some of the Hut 9 lights with LED lamps to reduce the load on the Generator. We hope to replace all with LED lamps for our special 70 years escape anniversary in March 2015 using your kind donations from our October 2014 Open Weekend. We borrowed once more from Phil his large generator. Much appreciated Phil. We had two large Hut 9 banners made and purchased numerous other small but useful items for our Events. BCBC has also helped in numerous ways to make this event happen, so thank you BCBC. We are getting there...

September 2013 & March 2014

We borrowed a generator and we paid for its petrol using your donations from our first ever Event in 2013. With your donations we are planning to purchase a new diesel generator for our next Event. We borrowed a laptop and projector to show the Country File program made for the iconic Hut 9 and its so unique Escape Tunnel. We had to build our own lighting and PA system using parts we purchased using your donations and materials donated by local companies or individuals. We used your donations to make a number of large presentation posters with large clear text and images that Brett now uses to tell the Island Farm story. A heavy duty poster flip-chart and a wireless microphone will help Brett enhance the experience of his presentation. For our Oral History recordings we borrowed an audio recorder from Jonathan's school and one from the Reach team, BCBC . With your donations we have now purchased our own. We even borrowed a wheel barrow to help us move the equipment. Thanks again to your donations, we have now purchased our own, along with other equipment we use at our exhibitions...

  • Thank you ALL, not forgetting those who donate their time and effort to be there, our Hut 9 Friends and Visitors, our Living Historians and the members of this Preservation Group... We are all here to Preserve Hut 9, the IF and ROF history, the views and memories and Educate future generations of our nationally important local history...


    Hut 9 Preservation Group

    November 2013



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